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 Most ballet students and professionals agree that turns can be one of the most universally challenging aspects of ballet technique. In the standard ballet technique class, only a limited amount of time can be dedicated to working on pirouettes, and each student doesn’t always get the individual attention needed to improve their turns. 


Just Turns is here to help


Just Turns supports all the turn techniques and work in sync with all dance curriculum. Just Turns is the way for dancers to improve their turns outside of the normal class environment. 


The Goal


To help each dancer find a constant turning technique that works for them in their body and feel confident and controlled. I am continually amazed by students’ moments of discovery and confident smiles in my workshops, and I strive to keep spreading the joy of well-executed turns.

What is Just Turns?

Don’t Hesitate and Just Turn!

  • Adult, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet, and Competition Dancers are all welcome
  • Learn the Just Turns Four Keys to better turn technique
  • Gain physical and mental control over your turns
  • Develop consistency and confidence
  • Ask questions and discover answers to all of your turning frustrations
  • Take home a Just Turns handout
  • Improve turns for audition season!

Private Coaching Sessions

Just Turns Private coaching allows dancers to work one-on-one with a Pirouette coach. This provides the dancers with personalized training and high quality corrections. Just turns uses video feedback to show dancers what exactly they look like during a turn. Dancers often times make instant corrections and improvements on the spot!


The two-hour Just Turns workshop is designed to focus the student’s approach and maximize turning technique in order to increase confidence and ability in all kinds of turns.The class structure and progression are designed to break down every part of turning technique, training spot, balance, force control, and placement from the ground up. Students are free to ask questions, experiment, and take notes throughout the workshop in order to realize their ideal turning method.

Just Turns Services

Private Coaching

Private and semi-private classes and coaching are available to suit your specific needs. 

Video feedback, analysis and Just Turns Handout included


$100 for the 1st 90 min session

$75  for any additional 90 min sessions

* Studio rental rates not included


For more information please email:


Or Call:


Master Classes

The two-hour Just Turns workshop is designed to focus the student’s approach and maximize turning technique in order to increase confidence and ability in all kinds of turns. 


The 2 hour workshop includes: 

30 mins Warm-up Barre

30mins Turn Drills

60 mins Center Combinations


Day One: Stationary Turns 

Passe (Inside/Outside) Fouettes, Attitude, Arabesque


Day Two: Traveling Turns

Pique, Chaines, Step up


$45 for 1 workshop; $75 for 2 workshops

(Per Student)


For more information please email:


Or Call:




Ikolo Griffin is an internationally recognized Master of Ballet committed to sharing his rich expertise through coaching and community outreach. Griffin began his ballet training at age 10 with the San Francisco Ballet School. At 18, he became the first student of San Francisco Ballet’s Dance in Schools program to join the Company. He danced with the Company for seven years, earning the Princess Grace Award for dance, before going on to dance with the Joffrey Ballet as a soloist, the Dance Theatre of Harlem as a principal, and Smuin Ballet as a principal. He has been around the world, performing, directing, choreographing, and teaching dance. Griffin, who currently resides in San Francisco, now focuses most of his time on providing individual instruction, coaching dancers of all ages, and conducting Just Turns workshops internationally, and around the country.





Ikolo’s Grand Pirouettes


Wow can’t even put into words how helpful working with Professional Pirouette Coach, Ikolo Griffin was! His 4 rules to turns, and tips and tricks are forever going to be tucked away in my vault of pirouette knowledge! I was one of those “oh gosh here comes a turn” people, but now I can say I go in so much more confident, and eager to continue to improve! Thank you!


” Just Turns workshop is a spectacular workshop for the driven student. Ikolo has a passionate, and fresh approach to teach students the fine details of turns , while always being supportive, and motivating to all students. (more…)

Heidi LuMaye Dance Director and Choerographer

Ikolo Griffin has a wealth of knowledge that is rooted in solid technique and unbelievable creativity. What sets him apart is a passion for dance which is expressed through his enthusiasm and a deep appreciation for personal expression within it. (more…)

Denise Gillott Pinkerton Ballet Theater / Nevada Performance Academy

I’m a co-owner of a dance school in San Francisco, CA. I took many of my students to take Just Turns Workshop and I witnessed how this workshop helps EVERYONE in EVERY LEVEL to improve their turns. (more…)

Sonoo H. Petty

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Just Turns Around the world

Just Turns has been taught nationally and internationally for the past five years, and has been received positively by dancers and instructors everywhere.
Where will Just Turns be next?

  • Kagoshima, Japan
  • Nagoya, Japan
  • The Portland Ballet, Oregon
  • Ballet Northwest, Washington
  • Dance Theater of Harlem, New York
  • San Jose Ballet, Califorina
  • Los Angeles Ballet, Califorina

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