Sonoo H. Petty

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I’m a co-owner of a dance school in San Francisco, CA. I took many of my students to take Just Turns Workshop and I witnessed how this workshop helps EVERYONE in EVERY LEVEL to improve their turns. Ikolo’s Just Turns Workshop is basically for Ballet turns. He gives a short barre exercises, then, he works on different Ballet turns and sometimes including Jump-turns. I brought students who are rather new to Ballet. They were more experienced in Jazz and Tap. So, I was not sure if it would work for them. It simply was AMAZING! By taking this workshop, ALL of them made a great progress in their Jazz turns also. One of them was a beginner in both Jazz & Ballet. She had just started taking some dance classes. She took JTW, and next thing was she was doing a VERY CLEAN DOUBLE AND TRIPLE TURNS. It was like seeing a miracle. Ikolo helped me also. I have been dancing for many years but certain types of turns (for example – attitude turns) have been challenging always. By taking JTW, I was able to do double attitude turns. Ikolo is positive and patient. He breaks down each technique. And he demonstrates every turns. He is an inspiring teacher.
I will highly recommend Ikolo Griffin’s Just Turns Workshop to ALL DANCERS!